Taste Test – Try the World (November, 2021)

This is our last subscription box from Try the World. We got tied of the total lack of any descriptive documentation in the box. You have to use a magnifying glass to determine country of origin and it is not present all the time. This month we also got a duplicate item from the previous month’s box. This month we received items from Korea, Indonesia, Italy and the United States. The tea was again not identifiable.

Kimchi from South Korea

Cashew and Coconut from Indonesia

Cacao dusted cashew nuts from Indonesia


Bourbon infused coffee from the US – a duplicate item from last month’s box

Spice blend from the USA – very good, I use it routinely (quite spicy)

Balsamic Vinegar from Italy

Flower Tea from ???

Restaurant Review – Pastelaria Vitoria (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Pastéis are a Brazilian street food delicacy. These fried pastries are often sold filled with various savory fillings like cheese, chicken, shrimp, hearts of palm, or ground beef. Pastelaria Vitoria is a pastel shop in Somerville which has a very large Brazilian community. In addition to this pastel shop it has numerous Brazilian markets and restaurants. The pastels here were good but not as good as what I get at home.

Pastry to filling ratio was a little off but still a taste of home – Rita

Taste Test – Vietnamese Coffee Mochi

While shopping at Super 88 an Asian market Alex and I had the munchies. We grabbed these ice cream items not knowing what they were. Mochi are ice cream wrapped with a gummy textured rice coating. We both found these to be absolutely delicious. I had these coffee ones and Alex had chocolate. The ice cream interior was very good and we found the rice exterior to be interesting in texture but enjoyable. I will definitely look out for these whenever I am in an Asian market.

Taste Test – Try the World (October 2021)

Disappointing box from Try the World this month. Try the World is always bereft of information but this month it was difficult to determine the country of origin from the packaging. One item (the tea) could not be identified at all and three items were manufactured in the US and only name dropped a country.

Product manufactured in USA

Again manufactured in USA

Tea from where???

Authentic Thai Recipe but manufactured in Delaware??

Chick Peas Curry with Rice manufactured in Mumbai, India

Tahini from Israel

Vegetable Umami from South Korea