Taste Test – Canned Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup  is a family of hot and sour Thai soups. It is a soup that normally includes shrimp. The strong hot and sour flavors makes it very popular in Thai cuisine. I saw this canned version so decided to heat it up for Alex and I to try.

Very spicy but Alex loved the flavor and devoured the broth, the added shrimp were not his favorite but the soup itself got very high marks

Alex – 9 out of 10

Joe – 8 out of 10

Taste Test – Popeyes Signature Chicken Wings

Alex and I decided to try some of Popeye’s new chicken wing flavors. We picked four of the six flavors to try. We had previously tried the ghost pepper wings, see review here.

The Honey Lemon Pepper wings had a nice honey note

Alex – 8

Joe – 9

The Sweet ‘n Spicy wings were pleasantly spicy but not overpowering with a sweet undernote

Alex –

Joe -9

The BBQ wings had a sweet barbeque flavor



The Roasted Garlic Parmesan was our favorite. Initial appearance was unappetizing but taste was on point. The wings were spicy with subtle notes of garlic and parmesan

Alex – 9

Joe – 10

Taste Test – Maple Syrup Comparison

We often have pancakes or French toast for breakfast and Alex and Rita both enjoy syrup. When I use or buy syrup I insist on using only authentic maple syrup whereas Rita will purchase any brand available from the supermarket. Alex wanted to do a side by side comparison to evaluate the difference.

Great Value “syrup” from Walmart

Flavored corn syrup!!

Ben’s Sugar Shack 100% Pure Maple Syrup

Ingredient list = 100% Maple Syrup

In a blind taste test comparison Alex could not believe the difference in taste. I doubt he will go back to the generic syrup after this

Taste Test – MRE Menu 19 Beef Patty, Jalapeno Pepper Jack

Meals Ready to Eat (aka MREs) are the United States military rations. In my canoe trip days I used to purchase these in bulk. They are much too heavy to form the majority of your food on an extended trip but they were a pleasant supplement. What I used to do was disassemble the package and gather together the side dishes, deserts, main entrees, etc. I could then add a few items to the bulk of my food supply. I purchased a MRE to see what has changed in the past twenty years and to show Alex what they were like.

Heating unit, instructions and nutritional information are all relatively recent additions

The Au Gratin potatoes were actually verry good 8 out of 10

Processed beef patty…

… with BBQ sauce

A couple of tortillas included

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal cookie for desert

excellent 9 out of 10

A mixture of condiments

the cheese spread and peanut butter (not included in this meal) were always favorites served with pilot crackers on our trips

The meal was quite good 7 out of 10

Great for car camping but for canoeing buy a case, break apart and add individual items to your meal plan as they are quite heavy