Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Cwej Requiem by James Hornby and Andy Lane

Chris Cwej was a companion of the Seventh Doctor during the end of his New Adventures run of original novels. After the novels he remained on Gallifrey. Cwej: Requiem was published in April 2024 and was written by James Hornby from a story by Andy Lane. This novel is meant to be a jumping on point for a series of upcoming Cwej novels.

Chris Cwej is an interesting character, I quite like the later New Adventures novels with him, Roz and Benny. The series is set firmly in the Whoniverse as long as you overlook the licensing restrictions. The Time lords are referred to as Superiors, the Tardis is a time ship complete with a six sided console, The Doctor is called The Defector and the superiors have a female president (Romana?). The novel is fast paced and violent with Cwej mixed up with Timelord machinations. This is a solid start to the proposed series and I am looking forward to the continuation. 8 out of 10.