Food Shop Review – Super 88 Market (Malden, Massachusetts)

The Super 88 Market in Malden is my favorite go to location for meat and produce. You can find all the unusual cuts that you will be hard pressed to see in your local supermarket. Chicken feet, fresh pork belly and any organ meat you could want are readily available. On the produce side you can find Durian, baby bok choy, bitter melon and other Asian vegetables. The fresh fish section is the next best thing to a harborside fish market and the frozen fish section has all sorts of unusual options. Rita finds many of her favorites in the prepackaged aisles with yakult and guarana of all sizes.

Pig tails anyone?

Try some durian but don’t open inside!!

All sorts of frozen fish, I like to try a different one each time I go.

I always stock the freezer with baby anchovies, my favorite. Breaded and fried they make delicious fish chips.

Fresh quail eggs.

Once you try duck eggs you will never look at a chicken egg the same way again.

Packaged items abound.