Taste Test – Treats International (Italy)

Our new subscription box from Treats International was from Italy this month. Alex gave the snacks an average rating of 6.3 out of 10, while I scored them a 6.1 out of 10 score. These snack boxes from Treats International are running lower scores than other snack boxes we have tried. The quality of the snack options has been disappointing.

Candy fizz string by Zotz

Alex-6 Joe-6

Mint by Sperlari – Spearmint hard candy

Alex-4 Joe-4

Snackwafers by Balocco – thin chocolate wafers

Alex-6 Joe-5

Chocolate Cono snack by Messori – Filled with chocolate like the bottom of an ice cream cone

Alex-8 Joe-6

Torrone by La Florentine – soft nougat filled with all sorts of additions

Alex-6 Joe-6

Cubetti wafer cookies by Dolcetto – chocolate/hazelnut wafer

Alex-6 Joe-6

Nuvola by Massimo – cake treat

Alex-5 Joe-6

Tuscan Crisps by Dolcetto – delicious little crackers perfect for cheese or other toppings

Alex-9 Joe-8

Fruit candy by Mancini

Alex-8 Joe-7

Breadsticks by Italbrand

Alex-5 Joe-7