Taste Test – Fufu

Fufu is a traditional West African side dish that is a starchy dense dough made from ground plantains. It is used to scoop up food much like Naan bread in Indian cuisine.

Alex has always been a fan of Scarpetta so he quite liked this West African version of the Italian practice. The flavor of the Fufu was mild and a perfect vehicle for absorbing the sauce. 8 out of 10

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Evil of the Daleks by Frazer Hines

The Evil of the Daleks was a novelization based on the 1967 television serial The Evil of the Daleks. It was written by Frazer Hines along with Mike Tucker and Steve Cole. The book was released by BBC Books in late 2023 and was the second novelization of the story following the original Target novelization. This book is, in essence, a novelization of the 1968 televised repeat of the original TV serial, making use of the framing device of Zoe Heriot being shown the events of the earlier adventure on a mind projector shortly after joining the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Signed copy

The seven episode serial is reproduced here with a chapter for each episode. The interludes are interactions between The Doctor, Jaime and Zoe while watching the monitor.

This is a straight re-hashing of the story with rather long chapters accurately describing each episode. The interludes are the most interesting part of the book and I found the characterization on point for each character. The classic story should be well known to most Whovians especially with the newly released animated DVD but if this is your first experience with the story it is a good way to familiarize yourself with it. 7 out of 10.