Taste Test – Alaska Pollock (McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish)

I recently watched a documentary on the Alaska Pollock fishery in the northern Pacific Ocean. Alaska pollock was long put in its own genus, Theragra, and classified as Theragra chalcogramma, but research in 2008 has shown it is rather closely related to the Atlantic cod and should therefore be moved back to Gadus, where it was originally placed. It is considered the largest sustainable fishery in the world and supplies the raw material for most of the fast food fish products such as McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. Having peaked my interest I decided to try a Filet-O-Fish since I never had one before.

Terrible, I did not finish

An interesting story, Rita when she was pregnant with Alex she craved Filet-O-Fish to the extent she would get dressed and go out during winter storms to get her fix. She does not even like fish before or after her pregnancy.