Lakefront Walk – Lake George Village, New York

The shoreline between Lake George and the village of Lake George is a pedestrian walkway perfect for a gentle stroll. In 1986, The State of New York awarded Lake George Village a Waterfront Revitalization grant, and construction of the first section of the Walkway along Beach Road began in 1988.Ten years later, another 650 feet of Walkway was completed, bringing the path up the Western Shore past restaurants, taverns, shops and boat rental businesses. The final stretch, completed in 2004, brought the walkway to Lower Amherst Street just north of Shepard Park.

Lake cruises are available from several locations along the walk

Including an old-fashioned steam ship

Some ships can be booked for weddings

If you prefer more stable rides than on a boat carriage rides are also available

Classic and exotic cars are also a common site