Matthew’s Island Preserve – Eastport, Maine

Matthew’s Island Preserve off the coast of Eastport, Maine in Cobscook Bay protects a 14 acre island and its surrounding water. The island is accessible at low tide and is surrounded by mud flats during this time. We used to camp on the bay when we were kids and once attempted to cross the mud flat to the island which resulted in a very muddy journey sinking up to our knees in spots. We did not realize at the time that there was an easier route from this parking area. There is a small hiking trail on the island. I hope that one day this will become part of the Bold Coast National Seashore if or when it is rewarded with that declaration.

Cony Park – Eastport, Maine

Cony Park, located adjacent to Shackford Head State Park, in Eastport boasts beautiful views of Cobscook Bay, a large pavilion with picnic tables and 3 horseshoe pits. A porta-potty is provided during the summer months. The park can be used for picnics, gatherings and other get togethers. There is also a hand carry boat launch and some historic markers.

Historical placards commemorating Civil War ships on Cony Beach

Part of the Bold Coast which is a potential National Seashore designee

Salmon farms can be viewed offshore

Adjacent to Shackford Head State Park

Old shipyard just outside entrance to park

Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site – Hubbardton, Vermont

The Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site preserves the site of the battlefield in the small village of Hubbardton, New York. The Battle of Hubbardton was an engagement in the Saratoga campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought in the village of Hubbardton, Vermont. Vermont was then a disputed territory sometimes called the New Hampshire Grants, claimed by New York, New Hampshire, and the newly organized and not yet recognized but de facto independent government of Vermont. On the morning of July 7, 1777, British forces, under General Simon Fraser, caught up with the American rear guard of the forces retreating after the withdrawal from Fort Ticonderoga. The battle took a large enough toll on the British forces that they did not further pursue the main American army. The many American prisoners were sent to Ticonderoga while most of the British troops made their way to Skenesboro to rejoin Burgoyne’s army. Most of the scattered American remnants made their way to rejoin St. Clair’s army on its way toward the Hudson River.

Ample signage

Lakefront Walk – Lake George Village, New York

The shoreline between Lake George and the village of Lake George is a pedestrian walkway perfect for a gentle stroll. In 1986, The State of New York awarded Lake George Village a Waterfront Revitalization grant, and construction of the first section of the Walkway along Beach Road began in 1988.Ten years later, another 650 feet of Walkway was completed, bringing the path up the Western Shore past restaurants, taverns, shops and boat rental businesses. The final stretch, completed in 2004, brought the walkway to Lower Amherst Street just north of Shepard Park.

Lake cruises are available from several locations along the walk

Including an old-fashioned steam ship

Some ships can be booked for weddings

If you prefer more stable rides than on a boat carriage rides are also available

Classic and exotic cars are also a common site

Prospect Mountain – Lake George, New York

Prospect Mountain in Lake George, New York is one of the most popular hiking spots in the area, but if you are not able to hike to the summit, you can still experience the amazing views. A short drive up Veterans Memorial Highway leads to scenic outlooks along the way and a large picnic area at the top of the mountain. There are three overlooks on the way up the mountain, the first two of which offer the best views. Once you reach the top there are two ways to the summit a foot path and a paved road. The foot path is extremely steep so I suggest the paved road to the top.

Town of Lake George

Parking Area near the summit

Take the paved road to the summit