Taste Test – Treats International (Peru)

This month’s subscription box from Treats International is from Peru. The box had all sweet snacks and the quality of the offerings were top notch. Alex and I both rated this box higher than any snack box we had received from SnackCrate, Universal Yums or Treats International! We did not receive any box from Peru previously so we cannot compare between subscription services. Alex scored the box 7.83 out of 10 and I gave it a 7.67 out of 10. Most impressive neither of us scored any snack lower than 7 out of 10. Forget Machu Picchu go to Peru for the snacks.

Municiones by San Jose – vanilla flavored cookies

Alex-7 Joe-8

Soda Galletas by Field – light tasting soda cookies

Alex-7 Joe-7

Two extra complimentary treats were added to this box

Coronita Galletas by Picaras – chocolate sandwich cookies

Alex-8 Joe-8

Chewy candy

Alex-8 Joe-8

Magarita Galletas by Sayon – trraditional Peruvian cookies

Alex-7 Joe-7

Casino Lucuma by Victoria – cookie flavored with luccuma fruit

Alex-8 Joe-7

Sublime by Nestle – chocolate filled with crushed peanuts

Alex-9 Joe-8

Morochas by Nestle – sandwich cookies with chocolate center

Alex-8 Joe-8

Field cookies

Alex-8 Joe-8

Picaras – Chocolate dipped cookies

Alex-8 Joe-8

Taste Test – HelloFresh (Peppercorn Dijon Chicken)

Peppercorn Dijon Chicken was tonight’s HelloFresh meal. This is the second mustard based sauce we had from them and it turns out to be one of Alex’s favorite types of topping. The side dishes are not usually a highlight but the kale salad was a favorite for all three of us. Rita makes a sauteed kale dish to go with her rice & beans so we eat this vegetable quite a bit but always cooked. This is the first time we had kale raw and it was exceptional. Main dish 7 out of 10, Kale salad 10 out of 10 for a cumulative rating of 8 out of 10.