Top Five TV Travel Show Hosts

I love travel shows and it is most of what I watch on TV with the exception of some sports and a few science fiction programs (Doctor Who anyone?). Many times it is the host of the show that will make or break the program.  With that in mind here are my top five favorite hosts:

#5) Megan McCormick. This host is one of the rotating crew on PBS’s Globe Trekker series. A Boston University graduate and a Florida native she worked overseas as an English teacher and for MSNBC prior to taking the job at Globe Trekker.  She comes across as an experienced traveler that you would not be surprised to see traveling the world with a backpack even if there were no cameras present.  Her style of travel does seem to be more conducive to this type of budget minded itinerary.

#4) /Michael_Palin. This Monty Python star has been hosting travel shows for the BBC for over twenty years. He is a serious traveler with a broad range of interests but you can see his sense of humor and light-hearted demeanor come through. The obvious joy he has in traveling is evident and draws you into whatever destination he is talking about.

#3) Samantha Brown. Make sure you take your diabetes medicine Sam can induce a sweetness overload. Here charm and joie de vivre overcome this and you cannot help but fall into her spell as she gallivants across the globe. Do not under-estimate the savvy traveler and shrewd businesswoman; beyond her cuteness is an experienced travel show host.

#2) Andrew Zimmern.  People love watching Andrew eat things they would never even consider. Beyond this voyeuristic aspect he is a knowledgeable traveler who has traveled the world eating his way through every continent.

#1) Rick Steves. When it comes to Europe you would be hard pressed to find anyone with more knowledge of the destination than Rick.  He has a homesy down to earth demeanor and you just get a feeling that if there is something you should know about a destination he is going to explain it to you. Catch his lectures on the podcast Rick Steves Travel Talks: half hour lectures on art and history from a travel perspective.

These are my favorites, what are yours?

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