Restaurant Review – Captain John’s (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Captain John’s is a seafood restaurant and bar in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts. The restaurant (menu) is located on a busy street with a small parking area around the back. Accessibility is not great with a step to get into the restaurant and an inconvenient path from the parking area to the front entrance. There is outdoor seating and a popular bar area inside. Alex and I both ordered seafood platters as we had been craving fried seafood for a while. Alex ordered additional onion rings and the plate came piled high with food. Upon closer examination the majority of the plate was fries and onion rings. The fish did not seem fresh and was disappointing but the rest of the seafood was good. The majority of the plate consisted of fish and clams with only a few scallops and shrimp. We took a good quantity of food home for re-heating mostly fries, rings and fish as we had eaten the other items.

Outdoor seating

Interior is very casual

Impressive tower with onion rings added

Seafood platter sans onion rings