Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Warriors’ Gate and Beyond by Stephen Gallagher

Warriors’ Gate and Beyond is an anthology collecting together the direct-to-audio novelization of the TV story Warriors’ Gate, the direct-to-audio story The Kairos Ring and an original short story featuring The Eighth Doctor The Little Book of Fate. All three stories were written by Stephen Gallagher.

I found Warrior’s Gate to be somewhat confusing upon first watch and sad to say I still found it so after reading this novelization. The Kairos Ring on the other hand was a very good story and I enjoyed the character of the Civil War soldier Joshua Hawthorn and the library was used as a nice backdrop to the story. I felt myself growing angry reading the Eighth Doctor short story. Which incarnation of Romana were we seeing? If it was meant to be Romana II the story disregarded the established continuity of her rise to the presidency of Gallifrey and all of her adventures back in N-Space. Could it be a future incarnation of Romana, if so there are continuity errors here as well. Overall worth a read but it could have been much better if a little more attention was paid to established continuity 7 out of 10.