Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Torchwood Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough

Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough was the 17th Torchwood novel published by the BBC in 2011. It was one of three novels that were prequels to Torchwood Miracle Day. The novel features Suzie Costello.

Suzie Costello is a favorite Torchwood character for me despite the fact she only appeared in a couple of episodes of the series, a few audio adventures from Big Finish and a short story. Her character is very nuanced and well realized by actress Indira Varma. She was great in Game of Thrones and I am looking forward to her return in the new series with Ncuti Gatwa. The main characters DI Tom Cutler and Commander Elwood Jackson interact with Suzie in different ways but both realistically. Suzie’s character was very violent throughout most of the novel and it was unclear to me how much was due to the alien presence inside her or as was a part of her true nature. The love story between DI Cutler and Suzie was touching with the ending of the novel and Suzie’s partial redemption. 8 out of 10.