Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Thunderbirds Classic Comic Strips from TV Century 21

This set of Thunderbirds comic strips from TV Century 21 was compiled and edited by Graham Bleathman and Sam Denham. It is one of many collections available through Amazon or other vendors. TV Century 21 was first published in 1965 and carried strips of many of Gerry Anderson‘s programs. It quickly became the UK’s best selling comic magazine.

There were text pieces and faux newspaper in-universe pages interspersed with the comic strips

The works of Gerry Anderson tie into Doctor Who with the Second Doctor novel The Indestructible Man. There are a number of Lady Penelope strips at the beginning of the volume that give the origin of Parker and Lady Penelope’s recruitment by Jeff Tracy as a Thunderbirds agent. There is one strip about an African leader who needs a heart operation but some Masai tribesmen kidnap the surgeon. The strip has some very unfortunate 1960’s style racism that is off-putting but the rest of the strips are well illustrated and interesting. Even though some of this material is upsetting it is nice that it is reproduced as a product of its time. 7 out of 10.