Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The History Between Us

The History Between Us anthology chronicles the Doctor and the Master’s adventures across every incarnation, with short stories weaving in and out of a therapy session with the Doctor and Master.

As with most anthologies with multiple authors the range of quality of the submissions can vary this is doubly so with a charity or fan produced volume. There are several good stories here. I especially enjoyed the Ninth Doctor story where in finds himself on an abandoned space ship where he meets an out of sync Master. There is also the first meeting with the Dhawan Master in his guise as O. The main conceit of the book where the Thirteenth Doctor and the Dhawan Master are in a couples therapy session is my real problem with the book. Both characters are not true to their current personas. So much has happened between the two of them over the course of centuries I cannot see their interaction as love torn paramours ringing true. The artwork accompanying the stories varies in quality and does not evoke the needed visceral response for the narratives. 5.5 out of 10.