Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Auton by Nicholas Briggs

Auton was a direct to video film written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and produced by Bill Bags and BBV Productions during the Wilderness Years of Doctor Who. It is the first of a trilogy of videos produced in the late 1990s.

Dr Sally Arnold has been studying a Nestene sphere similar to the one seen in the Doctor Who TV story Spearhead From Space. After the death of her friend and assistant a UNIT containment team led by psychic operative Lockwood comes in to investigate. Among Lockwood’s abilities is the ability to access all information from any computer mainframe in the world with his mind. Dr. Sal and Lockwood make a good team that develops through the story. You can see flashes of Briggs writing skills that is fully on display in his Big Finish work. 7 out of 10.