Taste Test – Snack Crate (Israel)

Snack Crate for December 2020 is from Israel.

Peach soda

Alex-9 Joe-5

Osem wafers – wafer cookies filled with milk chocolate

Alex-7 Joe-8

Bamba Peanut Puffs – peanut flavored puffed corn

Alex-7 Joe-5

Shtix – milk chocolate sticks filled with cream

Alex-7 Joe-7

Klik Choko Kid – milk chocolate with puffed rice

Alex-7 Joe-9

Sesame Halva – ground sesame and sugar snack

Alex-6 Joe-7 Rita-9

Pesek Zman – wafers with hazelnut cream covered in milk chocolate

Alex-8 Joe-7

Bissli Pizza Snack

Alex-8 Joe-6

Bissli Remix – BBQ flavored wheat snacks

Alex-7 Joe5

Chocolate Lentils – chocolate lentil shaped candies

Alex-6 Joe-6

Bissli Onion – onion flavored wheat snack

Alex-6 Joe-7

Bissli Falafel – falafel flavored snack

Bamba Hazelnut Cream – peanut flavored corn puff stuffed with hazelnut cream

Alex-8 Joe-6

Klik Kariot Pillows – bite sized treats

Chocolate Coins – average chocolate

Alex-8 Joe-6

Oodles – ball shaped fruit chews

Alex-6 Joe-8

Elite Milk Chocolate with Strawberry

Alex-7 Joe-8

Mini Biscuit Crunch – cookie topped with cream and chocolate

Alex-7 Joe-7

Tammi – candy bar with milk chocolate and crunchy bits

Alex-8 Joe-8

Elite Hard Candies

Alex-6 Joe-4

Fluffy Tuffy – chewy taffies in several flavors

Alex-6 Joe-5

More taffy flavors


Alex 7.05 out of 10

Joe 6.68 out of 10