New York City (Brazilian Day 2017)

September 2 – 4, 2017


Destination selectedBrazilian Day in New York City  Little Brazil on 6th Avenue and West 46th street.   11:30 AM – late afternoon 9/3/2017


Hotel Booked – 07012  1-800-766-6658  Check In 3:00 PM Check out 11:00 AM

 Expedia – Itinerary number 7292310713216

Yelp – Yelp restaurant search – many Turkish and middle eastern restaurants

Goggle – Large Turkish community in New Jersey

 Car Snacks – Frozen bottles of water, assorted individual bags of chips, string cheese, granola, nuts, trail mix, meat sticks, potato sticks, fruit

Hotel Snacks – Mixed olive medley, pickled stuffed peppers, pepperoni, cheese, rolls, Hostess cup cakes, fried chicken

Points of interest 

 Tentative Itinerary 

  1. Drive from home base in New Hampshire to Clifton, New Jersey
    1. Eat Lunch/early dinner at Turkish restaurant
    2. See Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline from Liberty State Park
    3. Take ferry/water taxi to lower Manhattan
    4. Visit 9/11 Memorial and Museum
    5. Go up elevator one World Trade Center
  2. Hotel – Howard Johnson Clifton, NJ
    1. Breakfast at local restaurant
    2. Ferry/water taxi to lower Manhattan
    3. Brazilian Day Festival
    4. African American Burial Ground National Monument
    5. Other Sites as time permits
    6. Dinner at Lebanese / Syrian restaurant
  3. Hotel – Howard Johnson Clifton, NJ
    1. Breakfast at local restaurant
    2. Gateway National Recreation Area – New Jersey
    3. Home to New Hampshire





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