The Chocorua Legend Historical Marker – Tamworth, New Hampshire

Chief Chocorua of the Pequawket tribe stayed in the area even after most of his tribe fled to St. Francis, Canada after Lovewells’s War in 1725. Chocorua left his son in the care of settler Cornelius Campbell while he was away. His son, Tuamba, dies while he is away. Seeking revenge Chgocorua killed Campbell’s wife and children and fled to the summit of what is now Mt. Chocorua. Campbell and some other settlers pursued Chocorua to the top of the mountain and either shot and killed him or he jumped off the top of a cliff to avoid capture depending on which version of the legend you believe. This roadside marker is right on NH Route 16 just past the “Narrows” bridge unit of the Chocorua lake Conservancy.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos