Taste Test Ruffles vs. Wavy Lays

Growing up if you wanted a potato chip suitable for dipping for a party you would get Ruffles. These ridged chips were more robust and held up well to dips. About twenty years ago a “competitor” came on the market Wavy Lays. Surprisingly enough both chips are made by the same company Frito-Lays! Why then are there two ridged dipping chips manufactured by the same company and are there any real differences? To satisfy my curiosity I decided to do a taste test on both varieties.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos

The chip on the left is a Ruffle and the one pictured right is a Wavy Lays. As you can see the Wavy Lays has deeper ridges and the chips appear to be thicker than the Ruffles. I anticipated the Wavy Lays to be more robust and less fragile than the Ruffles but I did not find this to be the case. There was roughly the same amount of broken chips in each bag and both chips held up well to firm onion dip without breaking. The Wavy Lays whole chips do seem to be larger and have a bigger crunch than the Ruffles. There is also a noticeable difference in flavor with the Wavy Lays having a deeper potato flavor than their counterpart. In summary both chips are suitable for your party and personal preference may dictate on or the other, for my tastes that would be the Wavy Lays but either chip would be acceptable.


  1. The Lays Wavy potato chips on the right are delicious. Ever since I bought them last week, my man and I love love the taste and just yesterday we bought the Lays Wavy on sale from Walgreens for 2 for $4… I used to like the one on the left but no more. Wow good job. Yummy😋😋😘😘

  2. Great post. Found it because I opened a bag of wavy from a variety fun pack and looked up competitors to Ruffles…..goggled it. I agree with the taste review. At first taste I knew I liked these better than Ruffles.

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