Taste Test – Milkweed Pods

Milk Weed is an edible plant during different stages of its development. When foraging any wild food it is essential proper identification and preparation is done. There are poisonous wild plants and at different stages of its growth a plant may be poisonous, unpalatable or delicious. Some parts of plants may be edible while other parts may be either unpalatable or outright poisonous. This is not a site to use for the first time forager please look out for a more definitive foraging specific site.

We had a portion of our back yard that had gone wild and was overgrown so we decided to harvest some milkweed pods.

At this stage of the plant the pods are the edible portion

Pick and trim the ends

We ate them breaded and fried but they can be parboiled and eaten several different ways

A very nice wild vegetable that can be enjoyed cooked several ways. The white silk inside the pods is also edible. The pods should be picked young or they may be fibrous.