Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

Saugus, Massachusetts

Saugus Ironworks is the type of low key National Park site that we love as a family. It brings to life an era in history that most are unfamiliar with and is a great learning opportunity for young and old alike.  The history lesson is presented in an idyllic park like setting with green grass, reconstructed colonial buildings and tree lined walks just minutes away from a busy suburb of Boston.  A perfect place for a picnic and a great place to adopt as your local park if you live anywhere in the area.

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The small park is readily assessable with a small parking area. Both parking and admission are free!  Pack a picnic lunch and bring it with you as you make your first stop in the visitor center.  This is the place where you get your Passport to the National Parks stamped.  After getting your stamp tour the museum and take in the short film “Iron Works on the Saugus.”  While in the visitor center you can arrange for a ranger led tour of the park or tour of the 17th century house on site.  At times during the summer there will be blacksmith demonstrations.

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History aside, take a stroll along the short nature trail find a nice spot under a tree on the beautiful grass and have a picnic lunch in quiet and serenity. This is the type of site you can explore in an hour or so but my suggestion is you spend the day and relax in this oasis in the middle of suburban sprawl.

The park is only open May to October and there is a junior ranger program available.

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