Rogers Rangers Historic Marker – Haverhill, New Hampshire

This marker in Haverhill, New Hampshire commemorates the spot ~2 miles upriver from this location where Rogers Rangers were meant to rendezvous after their destruction of St. Francis, Quebec in 1759. Rogers Rangers was named after its commander Major Robert Rogers and they were attached to the British army during the French and Indian War. St. Francis was a jesuit settlement with a population of about 500 Native Americans mostly Abenaki. Rogers mission was successful but the toll on his men was great. He lost most of his men to a combination of disease and attack by Indians on their return to the area. It is rumored that there was a treasure of sacked loot brought with the rangers but when the sole survivor was found it was nowhere to be seen. The lost treasure of St. Francis is a local legend. Rogers Rangers specialized in unconventional warfare dressing in green and using guerrilla fighting tactics. The methods used by the rangers form the basis of the US Army Rangers handbook to this day.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos