Restaurant Reviews – Kentucky Fried Chicken (Multiple Locations)

I am not adverse to fast food and in fact find it to be very convenient when on a long road trip or when I am running late after a long day at work. In times like these the last thing I want to do is cook something or spend time finding and going to a sit down restaurant.  Having said all that what are the menu options and recommendations if a KFC crosses your path when you are in the need for something quick.

Obviously chicken is what is on the menu.  There are three varieties to choose from original recipe, extra crispy and grilled.  I personally prefer the original recipe as I believe it has the most flavor with its cliché 11 herbs and spices. It is a tasty coating and gives the chicken a distinctive flavor.  The chicken is pressure cooked and comes out soft and not crunchy.  If you prefer something more southern fried chicken style try the extra crispy.  The chicken is very crispy but not as flavor-able.  The grilled chicken is too dry to my liking. Whether you get the extras crispy or the original recipe the legs and thighs will always be very moist and juicy.  Unfortunately the breasts and wings can be very dry depending on what location you go to.  This can even vary within the same location depending on the batch.

There are some other options to sample as well.  The popcorn chicken is very dry and really not worth it.  The chicken strips are meaty and although not super moist a good alternative to the bone in chicken.  The hot wings are mildly spicy and tasty but are reminiscent of something you would get in the supermarket frozen food section.  There is also a chicken pot pie or chicken sandwich option.

Dinner options come with buttermilk type southern biscuits which are flaky and crumbly in texture. The side dishes that are available vary in type and quality,  The potato wedges are well spiced and good when hot.  As soon as they get cold they become unpalatable.  The mashed potato and gravy are very good and I know people who will go to KFC for just that.  The cole slaw is also quite unique and a favorite for many.  Other options are green beans, corn (either whole kernel or corn on the cob) and mac and cheese.

Desert brings several options one of which is exceptional.  The cake and cookies are very standard and unremarkable.  The hot apple pie is something else altogether.  Definitely a fast food item but the crispy crust and the piping hot soft apple filling is very tasty.

Even with all of its faults KFC is at the pinnacle of the major fast food options.

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