Restaurant Review – IHOP (Seabrook, New Hampshire)

IHOP is an acronym for International House of Pancakes and specializes in American breakfast food. The company has 1,841 locations in the Americas (United StatesCanadaMexicoPeruEcuador and Guatemala), the Middle East (United Arab EmiratesKuwaitSaudi Arabia and Qatar) and the Indian Subcontinent (India and Pakistan). Alex and I had an early breakfast at the IHOP in Seabrook, New Hampshire. We arrived early and were the first ones seated but the restaurant had quite a few customers by the time we were finished mostly with families and their young children. The atmosphere was very convivial for the family crowd. Alex and I were both underwhelmed with the food. He enjoyed his milk shake drink but the food left much to be desired. Everything seemed no different than product you would purchase at the supermarket and cook at home.

Alex did love his shake

My hot chocolate reminded me of Swiss Miss


Pancakes disappointing