Ponemah Bog – Amherst, New Hampshire

Ponemah Bog is a Kettle Hole Bog with a small pond at its center. A 0.8-mile boardwalk loop leads through the bog, providing a nice walk in all seasons. The boardwalk features three observation decks over the pond. There is a small parking area with ample signage explaining the bog and the flora within it, walk past this kiosk and begin your walk on the left fork of graded Bog Trail (you will return on the right fork). After 0.1 miles, bear right to stay on the trail as Bypass Trail diverges left. You will quickly come upon an observation deck, from which you can look into the bog. Just past the tower, Bypass Trail rejoins from the left. You will then arrive at the edge of the bog, where you will step out onto the boardwalk. Here, close to the forest, the bushes and plants in the bog grow taller than those in the middle. There are many blueberry bushes along the boardwalk. As you move into the bog, you will start to see some pitcher plants beside the boardwalk. As the boardwalk continues out, the plants get smaller, until finally, you emerge in the open bog. Here, you will see the pond in the center of the bog. In addition to the pitcher plants keep your eyes open for sundews along the trail.

Alex about to start his trek

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