Perry’s Nut House Belfast, Maine

Perry’s Nut House on US Route 1 going along the coast of Maine heading into Washington County is one of the truly American roadside attractions that used to be commonplace throughout the country, Founded in 1927 this was a must stop for us as we made our way up to my mother’s hometown of Eastport each summer.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos

Rita was less impressed with the small museum in the back of the store. Most of the items and oddities that once graced the display cases have been sold off during a period of ownership change.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos

My boyhood memories override the tackiness that later years have wrought. It is still a great place for the tacky Maine souvenir and the selection of fudge, nuts and candies make it worth a visit. There are many bins with a variety of tasty nuts and the fudge is still home made and delicious. Road trip mainstays. A fixture on the drive to Acadia National Park and points north.

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