Nottingham Square Historical Site and Marker – Nottingham, New Hampshire

The town of Nottingham was created by a royal charter in 1722 and the first settlement established in 1774. Nottingham Square served as the center for the town’s business and social life and remains common ground until this day. There is another historical marker about Nottingham in Raymond. The statue that is the centerpiece of the square is dedicated to the four generals of Nottingham. July fourth 2017 marked the 100th Anniversary of the dedication of the Four General’s Monument located on Nottingham Square. On that day, back in 1917, the Else Cilley Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution invited people to the Square to honor and remember those four men. The monument is located on the corner of Route 156 and Ledge Farm Road in Nottingham which were formerly named North and King Street. It is a 16ft tall, granite statue with a minuteman on top and has the last name of each of the four General’s engraved on a side of the square base. The names are Joseph Cilley, Henry Dearborn, Thomas Bartlett and Henry Butler.

Four Generals Monument

Ground is still a common area for the town of Nottingham