My Travel Bucket List – Joe

I have been to a few places on my list but with retirement looming I hope to tick off quite a few more.  Let’s see if a lifetime of anticipation will meet expectations.



    • Alaska
    • Paris
    • London
    • Rome
    • Venice
    • Timbuktu, Mali
    • Eqypt
    • Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Taj Mahal
    • Petra, Jordan
    • Greek Islands
    • Beijing, China
    • South Pacific
    • South Pole
    • Outer Space


    • Arapongas, Paraná Brazil (my wife’s hometown!!)
    • White water rafting
    • Week plus long canoe trip
    • Take a foraging class
    • Snorkle a Coral Reef
    • Swim with dolphins
    • Drive the Alaska Highway (BC, Canada to Fairbanks, AK)
    • Running with the Bulls Paplona, Spain
    • Eat Mashwee at the Jemaa el-fnaa in Marrakesh, Morroco
    • Eat at restaurant on the “Pig Highway” in Puerto Rico
    • Eat a multi-course tasting menu at a five star restaurant
    • Eat street food in Asian Street Market
    • Antartica
    • Travel the Silk Road
    • Trans-Siberian Railroad
    • Drive the entire length of the old Route 66
    • Drive the Pan-American Highway
    • Angel Falls
    • Victoria Falls
    • Iguazu Falls
    • Amazon River Cruise (Meeting of Waters)
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Big Five Game Safari
    • Mongolia
    • Tristan da Cunha
    • Bouvet Island
    • Foothills of the Himalaya Nepal or Tibet


    • Greece
    • Pompeii
    • Turkey
    • Gettysburg
    • Old North Bridge Concord, MA
    • Normandy D-Day Beaches
    • WW I and WWII battlefields in France and Belgium
    • MesoAmerican Ruins
    • Sites of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world
    • Burma Road in Myanmar/China
    • Assam India

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