Maine Classic Car Museum – Arundel, Maine

The Maine Classic Car Museum in Arundel has a wonderful collection of vintage automobiles. Opened in 2019 there are more than 50 classic cars dating back to 1913. The collection is quite eclectic with classic touring cars, luxury cars, mini-cars and nostalgic family cars. Admission is reasonable at $12.00 for adults and kids under 7 free. Alex has a love of classic cars (he calls them “Dolly Cars” when we see them in the wild) he was in heaven here.

Interspersed throughout the collection are accessories such as license plates and diecasts.

One of the highlight of the collection was a 1948 Tucker

The 1948 Tucker

Collection of Mini-Cars

Classic Touring Cars

Classic Sports Cars and American Muscle

Quirky/Family Cars

Gift Shop

Rest Room