Doctor Who – The Thirteenth Doctor

October 7, 2018. I just finished watching the premier of the 2018 season of Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker debuting as the Thirteenth Doctor. Before I give my take on her performance let me give you a little of my Doctor Who background. I first saw the show with the Jon Pertwee incarnation (The Third Doctor) in 1976 and have been an avid fan ever sense. My favorite Doctor is the sixth but I have loved every minute of the new series just as much as the classic. I devour all thing Doctor Who and own hundreds of Big Finish CDs, dozens of novels and comics collections and love all aspects of the show and its extended media.
I think Jodie nailed her first portrayal of the Doctor capturing the idiosyncrasies of the character. I firmly believe that her future appearances will further cement her characterization into a well loved version. My ten year old son Alex has already proclaimed Jodie as his favorite Doctor supplanting Matt Smith as his previous favorite. It makes me proud that Rita and I have raised our son right to not only love Doctor Who the show but to also have him hold zero qualms about having a male or female hero!
As far as the story itself goes, it was not one of my favorites. I did think all three of the new companions were good and look forward to their future development, but the story did not grab me. I really did not like the new music and found it grating and distracting. I hope and am confident that future stories will be more to my liking.