Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Whotopia the Ultimate Guide to the Whoniverse

Whotopia: The Ultimate Guide to the Whoniverse was written by three experienced Doctor Who stalwarts; Jonathan Morris, Simon Guerrier and Una McCormack. Published in the 60th anniversary year it is a lavishly illustrated introduction to all things Who.

The book is geared towards new fans coming on board with the new 60th anniversary specials. There is a good mixture of classic and NuWho entries providing a solid overview of the entire series. There are some omissions and inaccuracies included most likely because they are trying to streamline the entries to make sure new readers are not confused. Sara Kingdom is relegated to the status of a guest star and not a companion and the Delgado Master is referred to as the first incarnation of the Master and not the 13th. Some details were spot on with Liz being on the UNIT moon base as mentioned in an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures as well as in the extended media. As with most of these reference books there is not mention of the extended media which is disappointing. The text is all written with an in-universe conceit. 8 out of 10 with the caveat that Who scholars will not find much they do not already know.