Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Pit by Neil Penswick

The Pit by Neil Penswick was the twelfth novel in the Virgin New Adventures series.

The novel is a prime example of why you should never trust conventional wisdom and form your own opinions. This book is widely considered one of the worst New Adventures novels and although it is far from the best it is not as bad as most people say. I decided to read the novel because a spinoff book Signet: Night of the Yssgaroth was just released based on the character from this book.

The story is not however perfect. I found the use of the great poet William Blake to be superfluous to the story the character could have been anyone from his time period. When he asked the Doctor about some events in the future The Doctor listing Mother Theresa as a paragon of virtue was distressing knowing her true nature. I found myself being very interested in the narrative when Benny or The Doctor were involved but dropping off when other characters were being followed. Liall Kopyion a Mahejetsu as the ancient Gallifreyan fighting the Yssgaroth was an interesting edition to the story. 7 out of 10.