Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Rebellion on Treasure Island by Bali Rai

Rebellion of Treasure Island by Bali Rai is the fifth in the Puffin Classic Crossover series of books. It was published in September of 2023.

These books use alternate timelines and parallel universe tropes to enable The Doctors to meet and interact with various literary figures. Keeping this conceit in mind they are enjoyable romps. I do wish we could get more serious fiction in the vein of The New Adventures or Eighth Doctor Adventures with current publishing efforts but we will take what we can get. This book sees the Eleventh Doctor and Clara meet up with Long John Silver and his companion Janey Hawkins. We also see them joined by The Paternoster Gang and River Song. Jenny bonding with the Pirate Nanny and sharing stories of their rough lives growing up was moving and Vastra using the Tardis laboratory was maybe the best depiction of the Tardis lab tht we have seen. Even Strax got to use his nursing skills. With so many characters there was not room for everyone and Clara was the one sidelined for a good portion of the narrative. 8 out of 10.