Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Doom’s Day A Doctor in the House?

Doom’s Day A Doctor in the House? was written by Jody Houser with art by Roberta Ingranata. A Doctor in the House? is a comic story across two issues, released on 5 July and 26 July 2023 by Titan Comics. It was released in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who and was collected here in this graphic novel. Doom’s Day was a multi-media series beginning on 20 March 2023, with its first story released on 5 June and final story on 6 October. It followed the exploits of the time-traveling assassin Doom as she is searching for the Doctor and trying to escape death.

I was not a fan of this multi-media series as I felt that an unrepentant assassin was not a good template for a protagonist for the Whoniverse. I do like the idea of the multi-media crossover as a big proponent of the extended media. This release features the beautiful artwork of Roberta Ingranata and does not disappoint. Jody Houser’s prose is on point and the plot flows through the two issues collected here with pace and interest. 7 out of 10.