Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Doctor Who The Glory of the Daleks and Other Stories

The Glory of the Daleks was a story that won the short story competition at WhoCon in 1990 and was intended for inclusion in an issue of Timestreams, the fanzine published by The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club, until it was decided that the 17,000 word story was just about long enough to be published as a novella-length book of its own. The books sold over 80 copies which was better than sales for any issue of Timestreams. This collection was purchased through Lulu Publishing and may not be an authorized release. The other stories in the collection seem to be taken from Doctor Who Magazine.

The contest winning novella is well written and uses its turn of the century backdrop to full effect. The other stories in the collection are all professionally written and are short and punchy. 7 out of 10 for the collection.