Charcoal Kiln – Raymond, New Hampshire

While taking Emma for a walk on Blueberry Hill Road in Raymond we came across this charcoal kiln on the side of the road. The production of charcoal took place in charcoal kilns where one could control the air supply. The wood was stacked inside and usually covered in peat, except for a small opening close to the ground, for air supply. The kiln was lit trough a small opening on the top. This opening was closed when the burning had started properly. The kiln was only supposed to simmer. If the kiln caught fire or extinguished, the kiln tender had to regulate the air supply. It was a great loss if a kiln burnt down. About 4 cubic meters of timber was needed to make 12 barrels of charcoal. Kilns burnt in the summer typically gave more charcoal than kilns burnt in the winter.

Out for a walk with Emma

An unexpected discovery

Lovering was a well known name historically in Raymond