Restaurant Review – Newick’s Seafood Restaurant (Dover, New Hampshire)

We had dropped off Emma at the vet and had a few hours to wait so we stopped at Newick’s for lunch. The Newick family opened their first restaurant in 1948 in the Great Bay region of New Hampshire. Several locations came and went with this restaurant in Dover still in business. This was a frequently visited restaurant for my family growing up as we made our way to or from our vacation home in Maine. It was never a personal favorite but other family members rated it very highly. My sister especially liked it because they have smelts on the menu which are not offered in many places.

Views of the bay from the dining room

Home made chips 9 out of 10

Fish & chips 6 out of 10

Alex enjoyed his clam strips 8 out of 10

Restaurant Review – Framingham Station Brazilian Steakhouse (Framingham, Massachusetts)

The Framingham Station Brazilian Steakhouse is a Rodízio style restaurant in Framingham. We have visited many different rodízios throughout the US and Canada and this restaurant was the best of its type. High end meats including picanha, filet and lamb chops were available for lunch. The buffet had all of the traditional Brazilian staples. 9 out of 10.

Framingham is the go to town for Brazilian shops and restaurants