Square Schoolhouse Museum – Nottingham, New Hampshire

The square schoolhouse in Nottingham was built around 1850 and is one of the best-preserved mid-19th century schoolhouses in southern New Hampshire. It is named not for its shape, but for its location in Nottingham Square. The building served as a schoolhouse until 1920 and is presently housing the Nottingham Historical Society.

The schoolhouse is adjacent to the picturesque Nottingham Square

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site – Calais, Maine

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site in Calais was my “hometown” national park unit. My parents had their retirement home very near to this park and as a National Park fan I used to come here very often. Saint Croix Island sits in the middle of the river between Maine and New Brunswick. In 1604, a French settlement began on the island, three years before English settlements in Jamestown. Saint Croix Island’s settlement was soon abandoned, following a terrible winter. When I visited the park years ago there was little more than a boat ramp and information placard at the site. Today there are extensive informative displays accompanied by statues representing various historical figures. There are rest room facilities and a fully staffed visitor center. There is no access to the island itself to protect its archeological and natural elements but the mainland area is well worth the visit. The neighboring shore in New Brunswick, Canada also has a park and display. It is great seeing small parks like this being properly represented.