Taste Test – Tree Juice Maple Syrup

Alex likes flavored maple syrup so we purchased this variety pack from Tree Juice. The Fairbairn family have owned and operated a 100+ acre farm since the 1930’s in the Catskills region of New York. We purchased a sample pack of pumpkin, vanilla and blueberry syrups.

Standard pancake mix

I tried the plain syrup and it was very good 8 out of 10. Alex gave the flavored syrups 9 out of 10.

Taste Test – Just Water

Just Water is a spring water out of Glen Falls, New York. Their marketing strategy is to highlight green plant based packaging and an environmentally friendly focus. Alex and Rita bought a “bottle” while out and raved about it when they came home. They saved me about one swallow to try and when I did I was quite surprised at the taste. I was not swayed by their marketing but purchased a case from Amazon to give it a more in depth taste test anyway. First of all I do like the package with its wide rim making it much easier to drink. I am still surprised that I like this water as much as I do, I am not sure if it is the packaging or the flavor. I still like Evian the best but this water is very good 9 out of 10.

Motel Review – Landmark Motor Inn (Fort Edward, New York)

Fort Edward is about 11 miles from the resort town of Lake George and during the busy season or when there is an event like Oktoberfest it is a convenient place to book a room. The Landmark Motor Inn is located on US Route 9 and is a quick shot to the Lake George attractions. A typical motor inn of the type, a more than adequate place to spend a night.

Front lobby area

Mannikin in the lobby

Rooms clean and neat

Continental breakfast provided in the morning