Doctor Who Exhibition – Doctor Who USA Tour 1986

In the halcyon days of early Doctor Who fandom in the United States the opportunity to experience the show outside the television were few and far between. It was quite a surprise then when this traveling exhibition made its way to small town Maine in the summer of 1986.

My nephew Roger and I made our way to Calais to take in the tour and artifacts from the show.

The mural on the side of the truck was by Andrew Skilleter

Restaurant Review – Bar Harbor Lobster Pound (Bar Harbor, Maine)

Alex had never had lobster and was looking forward to trying it on our recent trip to Washington County Maine. As we drove the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park we were disappointed as a heavy fog precluded any views farther than a couple hundred feet.

Driving away from the park we came across The Bar Harbor Lobster Pound just outside the main village of Bar Harbor on Maine Route 3 the perfect opportunity to get Alex his lobster. The restaurant was right on the main highway to and from Acadia and Bar Harbor and had easy access. Conversations with our pleasant server Abigail informed us that the restaurant was new with expansion plans underway. Cabins and an outdoor music area are in the plans for next summer.

Indoor and outdoor seating available

Lobster dinner served with either fries or their homemade chips

Ice cream available either as an after dinner treat or a stop itself

Alex was not the biggest fan of lobster but loved the blueberry pie and ice cream

The restaurant was quite expensive as can be expected for the area but the lobster was good and the fries and chips were excellent. The blueberry pie was fresh baked and very good and the ice cream flavors were diverse and flavorful.

Alex 7 out of 10

Joe 8 out of 10

Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse – Calais, Maine

Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse in Calais is on private property but can be viewed from the rest area on US Route 1 south of the Calais city center. The port of Calais used to be surrounded by heavy forests making navigation up the Saint Croix river difficult. Lighthouses were erected on the Canadian side of the river in 1857 but this light on the American side was only established in 1909. Prior to this a series of lanterns were hung in nearby trees. The St. Croix Historical Society applied for and was awarded ownership of Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse in 1997, as part of the Maine Lights Program. The Coast Guard still maintains the tower’s flashing green light. The three-bedroom, 2,428-square-foot keeper’s house and other outbuildings are privately owned and closed to the public. The dwelling sold in 2004, with an asking price of $350,000.

View of the Saint Croix River looking towards Canada

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site – Calais, Maine

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site in Calais was my “hometown” national park unit. My parents had their retirement home very near to this park and as a National Park fan I used to come here very often. Saint Croix Island sits in the middle of the river between Maine and New Brunswick. In 1604, a French settlement began on the island, three years before English settlements in Jamestown. Saint Croix Island’s settlement was soon abandoned, following a terrible winter. When I visited the park years ago there was little more than a boat ramp and information placard at the site. Today there are extensive informative displays accompanied by statues representing various historical figures. There are rest room facilities and a fully staffed visitor center. There is no access to the island itself to protect its archeological and natural elements but the mainland area is well worth the visit. The neighboring shore in New Brunswick, Canada also has a park and display. It is great seeing small parks like this being properly represented.