Taste Test – MunchPak (September 2023)

MunchPak subscription for September 2023.

Rapsnack Rick Ross from USA

Alex 8 Joe 8

Yackwa Doughnut from Korea

Alex 8 Joe 7

Lucas Salsaghetti Mango from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fettuccine Lemon from Japan

Alex 6 joe 8

Giotto Momenti Danish from Germany

Alex 7 Joe 7

Not listed in information card??

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fizzlers Mystery from USA

Alex 8 Joe 5

Gummy Fries from USA

Alex 7 Joe 6

Walkers Marmite – mild marmite flavor

Alex 6 Joe 7

Xiaohuangxiong Crab – noodle snack from China

Alex 5 Joe 5

Kopernik Katarzynki – ginger bread cookie from Poland

Alex 7 Joe 7

Pororo Churro from Korea

Alex 7 Joe 7

Mint Pocky from Japan

Alex 5 Joe 6

Cinnamon Toast Dunkaroos from the USA

Alex 8 Joe 6

Kinder Delice from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Taste Test – Cheese of the Month Club (July 2023)

Cheese of the Month Club for July has cheese from Italy, Cyprus and The Netherlands.

Provolone Picaante from Italy was much sharper than the supermarket product 9 out of 10

Leyden from The Netherlands is flavored with caraway and cumin seeds and has a spicy tang 8 out of 10

Halloumi from Cyprus was wonderful on the grill even better when some zaatar seasoning added 9 out of 10

Taste Test – Cheese of the Month Club (May 2023)

May’s Cheese of the Month Club shipment contained cheeses from Italy and Spain.

. San Simón da Costa from Spain is a smoked cow milk cheese. Rita likes smoked cheese 8 out of 10, I am not a fan 6 out of 10.

Fontina Val D’Aosta from Italy is an unpasteurized cow milk cheese with a slightly elastic texture. Rita and Joe 8 out of 10.

The Drunken Goat is a goat milk cheese from Spain. The cheese is bathed in Doble Pasta wine which does impart its flavor into the cheese. Joe and Rita 9 out of 10.

Taste Test – Cheese of the Month Club (April – 2023)

April 2023’s Cheese of the Month selections has cheeses from Italy and England.

Castelrosso from Italy is a semi-firm pasteurized cow cheese. This cheese is tart and tangy with a thick rind.

8 out of 10

Double Gloucester from England is also a semi-firm pasteurized cow cheese. This has a rich buttery taste reminiscent of cheddar

9 out of 10

Fiore Sardo from Italy is a semi-firm pasteurized sheep cheese. This crumbly cheese originated on the island of Sardinia and is good for grating

9 out of 10

Taste Test – Enrico Formella Sicilian Style Hot Giardiniera

Barry from the “Sanwiches in History” TikTok channel recommended this giardiniera for a sandwich. I have found Barry’s recommendations to be top notch in the past so I tried this brand from Enrico Formella. Giardiniera is a pickled vegetable condiment that is perfect as an addition to sandwiches. Every once in a while I get a craving for a “spuky” sandwich, what most people would call a sub, hero or hoagie. I always think of a story my father used to tell me. He served in India, Burma and China during the Second World War and would sometimes go for months living off army rations or whatever they could forage. During these times he said he would sit under a tree and dream about a spuky made with meats and condiments his family would get from the North End in Boston. With his story in mind I dived into my sandwich albeit not with meat from the North End but from the local supermarket. The giardiniera was exceptional. I enjoy spicy food but not if it is too spicy, this condiment was exactly at the right level for me. 9 out of 10.