Taste Test – MunchPak (September 2023)

MunchPak subscription for September 2023.

Rapsnack Rick Ross from USA

Alex 8 Joe 8

Yackwa Doughnut from Korea

Alex 8 Joe 7

Lucas Salsaghetti Mango from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fettuccine Lemon from Japan

Alex 6 joe 8

Giotto Momenti Danish from Germany

Alex 7 Joe 7

Not listed in information card??

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fizzlers Mystery from USA

Alex 8 Joe 5

Gummy Fries from USA

Alex 7 Joe 6

Walkers Marmite – mild marmite flavor

Alex 6 Joe 7

Xiaohuangxiong Crab – noodle snack from China

Alex 5 Joe 5

Kopernik Katarzynki – ginger bread cookie from Poland

Alex 7 Joe 7

Pororo Churro from Korea

Alex 7 Joe 7

Mint Pocky from Japan

Alex 5 Joe 6

Cinnamon Toast Dunkaroos from the USA

Alex 8 Joe 6

Kinder Delice from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Taste Test – Try the World (March 2021)

The February 2021 subscription box from Try the World contains products from; Japan, Germany, Italy, Cambodia, Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Chocolatey Tree Stump from Japan

Milk and white chocolate together

Tiger Tail mustard from Germany

Lemon Ginger Burst from Italy

Perinaise from The Netherlands

Spicy Mayonnaise Inspired from flavors of South Africa

Black Peppercorns from Cambodia

Matcha Latte Green Tea with Oat Milk from The Netherlands

Dark Chocolate from Latvia

Spanish Olive Oil

Taste Test – Try the World (February 2021)

The Try the World subscription box for February 2021 contains products from; Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey and Italy.

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy from Indonesia

Coffee flavored hard candy

Loma Linda Hawaiian Bowl from Thailand

Pineapple and brown rice in heat and serve bag

Ground coffee from Germany

Fig from Turkey


Ginger Chews from Indonesia

Capers from Turkey

Cookie Butter from Italy

Pink Salt from Australia

Thai Panang Curry simmer sauce from Thailand