Taste Test – Cheese of the Month Club (April – 2023)

April 2023’s Cheese of the Month selections has cheeses from Italy and England.

Castelrosso from Italy is a semi-firm pasteurized cow cheese. This cheese is tart and tangy with a thick rind.

8 out of 10

Double Gloucester from England is also a semi-firm pasteurized cow cheese. This has a rich buttery taste reminiscent of cheddar

9 out of 10

Fiore Sardo from Italy is a semi-firm pasteurized sheep cheese. This crumbly cheese originated on the island of Sardinia and is good for grating

9 out of 10

Taste Test – Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding

I have heard about Christmas pudding for years being an Anglophile and Doctor Who fan but have never tried it. We decided to try one so we purchased this from Amazon. Christmas Pudding is a sweet desert dating back to medieval times in Great Britain. Matthew Walker makes several different Christmas puddings but we opted for the classic version.

Alex and I both tried the pudding and found it very sweet with a chewy texture. I am not a fan of raisins or dried fruit but they were not noticeable as individual pieces in the pudding. This prepackaged and commercially produced product I am sure is not as good as a traditional home made pudding but it was not very good for our American palates. We found it too sweet with an unusual strong flavor. 6 out of 10 but we are glad we tried it and hope we can try a home made one one day.

Taste Test – Marmite

Marmite is a British savory food paste based on a yeast extract. It is a byproduct of beer brewing and its dark, sticky, strong smelling powerful flavored goo is definitely an acquired taste for the non-British palate. We have tried the Australian version Vegemite and Alex and I both found the flavor vile! Needless to say we were not looking forward to this taste test. The flavor did not disappoint in its impact on the both of us we found it equally off putting to our American palates. Alex and I both are willing to try all sorts of food and we are not the type to disparage other cultures tastes and preferences but we cannot see how this is a tasty treat for some people.

Obviously not a favorite treat for Alex!!

Taste Test – Mushroom Ketchup

Mushroom ketchup is a style of ketchup that is prepared with mushrooms as its primary ingredient. Originally, ketchup in the United Kingdom was prepared with mushrooms as a primary ingredient, instead of tomato, the main ingredient in contemporary preparations of ketchup. Historical preparations involved packing whole mushrooms into containers with salt. It is used as a condiment and may be used as an ingredient in the preparation of other sauces and other condiments. Several brands of mushroom ketchup were produced and marketed in the United Kingdom, some of which were exported to the United States, and some are still manufactured as a commercial product. As a condiment this Geo Watkins brand purchased from Amazon is very watery and not really applicable for that purpose. It makes a nice addition when you want some added umami or mushroom flavor for a meatloaf or other mushroom dish.

Very thin when used as a condiment