Taste Test – Thai Kitchen Fried Rice

We gave this fried rice instant dish from Thai Kitchen a try during a quick hurried dinner one night. The instant rice is ready after a short microwaving and can be used as a ready made side dish. The shelf stable product although fully hydrated would be useful on a short canoe trip if the added weight is not an issue. It could be heated by immersing in a pot of boiling water.

An OK side dish if you are in a hurry but any homemade fried rice you would make would be much better. 5 out of 10.

Taste Test – Cratejoy Treats International (Thailand)

The Treats International subscription box this month is from Thailand. Thailand seems to be the go to country for all of this type of snack subscription box and this is the first repeat box from Treats International. I have canceled the subscription because of the repeat. The snacks from Thailand must be easy to source but are not our favorites as our scores suggest.

Alex 6.0 out of 10

Joe 6.0 out of 10

Soccer Jelly by Dragonfly

Alex 6 Joe 5

Strawberry Pocky by Glica

Alex-7 Joe-6

Roasted Seaweed by TripleM

a very repeated item in these boxes

Alex-5 Joe 6

Sweet Basil by Lays

Alex 6 Joe 7

Mini Pineapple Biscuit by Dorkbua

Alex 6 Joe 5

Squid Seafood Snack by Bento (another repeat item)

Alex 5 Joe 6

Solar Dried Banana by Jiraporn

Alex 6 Joe 6

Crispy Crepes by ChunGuang

Alex 6 Joe 6

Coffee Candy by Kopiko (I have gotten these candies in so many subscription boxes)

Alex 6 Joe 6

Chocolate Wafer by Sanghai

Alex 7 Joe 7

Taste Test – Erbie’s Mixed Bugs

We all have food prejudices and I must admit one of mine is insects. I think what I am most nervous about is the soft squishy aspect of some edible insects. We purchased this package of mixed bugs from a vendor called Erbie’s a product of Thailand. This package had grasshoppers, crickets and a couple of different worms. They were fried and salty.

The texture was not off-putting at all just a crunchy, salty bite. The flavor was unremarkable and did not seem fresh, rather bland.

5 out of 10

Taste Test – MunchPak (March 2023)

Our MunchPak shipment for March 2023. We had high hopes for this box as the previous couple of months had the highest score of any of out snack subscription boxes. As it turned out however we rated the box one of our all time lowest scores. Alex 6.44 out of 10 and Joe 6.13 out of 10. If this was one of our first MunchPak boxes we would probably have canceled our subscription as we do not like the fact that there is no theme to the box with the snacks coming from many different countries and not one location.

Mayasi Puff Paw – cheesy puff snack from Indonesia

Alex 9 Joe-6

Oh Ma Grain Sea Salt from Indonesia – puffed rice snack

Alex-4 Joe-5

Oishi Shrimp Chips from Indonesia

Alex-7 Joe-6

Kamyczki Orzechowe from Poland – sugar coated peanut candy

Alex-8 Joe-5

Youdiannong Rich Milk from Taiwan – strawberry candy (very artificial insipid flavor)

Alex-3 Joe-4

Goralki from Poland – banana and chocolate flavored wafer

Alex-6 Joe-6

White Rabbit Candy from China – milk based chewy candy

Alex-6 Joe-7

Nestle Smarties from the U.K. – a knock off M&M type candy

Alex-6 Joe-8

Tutku Kombo from Turkey – mosaic cookie

Alex-6 Joe-8

Jirapon Banana from Thailand – sun dried banana snack

Alex-6 Joe-6

Oreo Wafer Stick from South Korea – chocolate wafer

Alex-8 Joe-6

Alibi Max Coco from Poland – coconut flavored crispy rice chocolate bar

21 Nutragrain Injeolmi from South Korea – puffed grain in injeolmi flavor

Alex-5 Joe-6

Nutella B Ready from Poland – Nutella filled wafer cookie

Alex-9 Joe-6

Lotte Chocopie from South Korea – green tea sponge cake with marshmallow filling

Alex-6 Joe-6

Hura Layer/Swissroll – vanilla cake with strawberry flavored cream

Alex-7 Joe-6