Taste Test – MunchPak (March 2023)

Our MunchPak shipment for March 2023. We had high hopes for this box as the previous couple of months had the highest score of any of out snack subscription boxes. As it turned out however we rated the box one of our all time lowest scores. Alex 6.44 out of 10 and Joe 6.13 out of 10. If this was one of our first MunchPak boxes we would probably have canceled our subscription as we do not like the fact that there is no theme to the box with the snacks coming from many different countries and not one location.

Mayasi Puff Paw – cheesy puff snack from Indonesia

Alex 9 Joe-6

Oh Ma Grain Sea Salt from Indonesia – puffed rice snack

Alex-4 Joe-5

Oishi Shrimp Chips from Indonesia

Alex-7 Joe-6

Kamyczki Orzechowe from Poland – sugar coated peanut candy

Alex-8 Joe-5

Youdiannong Rich Milk from Taiwan – strawberry candy (very artificial insipid flavor)

Alex-3 Joe-4

Goralki from Poland – banana and chocolate flavored wafer

Alex-6 Joe-6

White Rabbit Candy from China – milk based chewy candy

Alex-6 Joe-7

Nestle Smarties from the U.K. – a knock off M&M type candy

Alex-6 Joe-8

Tutku Kombo from Turkey – mosaic cookie

Alex-6 Joe-8

Jirapon Banana from Thailand – sun dried banana snack

Alex-6 Joe-6

Oreo Wafer Stick from South Korea – chocolate wafer

Alex-8 Joe-6

Alibi Max Coco from Poland – coconut flavored crispy rice chocolate bar

21 Nutragrain Injeolmi from South Korea – puffed grain in injeolmi flavor

Alex-5 Joe-6

Nutella B Ready from Poland – Nutella filled wafer cookie

Alex-9 Joe-6

Lotte Chocopie from South Korea – green tea sponge cake with marshmallow filling

Alex-6 Joe-6

Hura Layer/Swissroll – vanilla cake with strawberry flavored cream

Alex-7 Joe-6

Taste Test – Crown Prince Fancy White-Lump Crab Meat

In our quest to try all sorts of packaged and canned treats that are a bit on the unusual side Alex and I purchased this can of Crown Prince crab meat out of Indonesia. My mother used to buy a similar product when I was a child and I did not like it at the time. We tried this product plain on some crackers to get a pure evaluation of the meat. Alex and I both found it extremely off-putting. The texture was not nice with tiny bits of shell or cartilage? giving a poor mouth feel. The flavor was reminiscent of a badly ventilated fish market and did not give any sense of freshness. 2 out of 10.

Taste Test – MunchPak (December 2022)

This is our first subscription box from MunchPak. The quality of the snacks were Okay but it was disappointing that the snacks were from many different locations rather than from a single country or region. There were more sweet snacks than savory than what we had seen in other subscription boxes. The box had one information card that described each snack and identified the country of origin. The box is acceptable if you just want a variety of snacks to sit down with in front of the TV but if you are planning on an educational element on different countries I would recommend another subscription service. Alex 7.40 out of 10 Joe 6.93 out of 10.

Usagi Ball BBQ – cheese flavored puffs from Indonesia

Alex 9 Joe-9

Popkek Cacao – sponge cake with chocolate top and center from Turkey

Alex-8 Joe-8

Chipoys Original – tortilla chips from Mexico

Alex-7 Joe-6

Zzangyya – Sweet and crunchy honey flavored nuggets from Korea

Alex-7 Joe-5

Bien Donut – chocolate covered donut with chocolate filling from Turkey

Alex-8 Joe-7

Snack not listed on info card

Alex-5 Joe-5

Pretz Pizza – biscuit sticks in pizza flavor from Japan

Alex-8 joe-7

Biscolatta Max Duo Milk – milk chocolate coated wafer from Turkey

Alex-9 Joe-8

Wasuka Wafer Roll – strawberry flavored wafer from Indonesia

Alex-7 Joe-5

Fini Roller Strawberry – strawberry flavored fruit roll up from Spain

Alex-8 Joe-7

Petit Agemaru Shoyu – soy sauce flavored rice cracker

Alex-6 Joe-6

White Heim – Wafer filled with white chocolate from Korea

Alex-5 Joe-8

CW Chocochip – chewy chocolate chip cookie from Korea

Alex-8 Joe-8

Nestle Freskas – fruit flavored sponge balls covered in milk chocolate from Mexico

Alex-7 Joe-6

Momogi Cheese – corn puff stick from Indonesia

Alex-9 Joe-9

Taste Test – Try the World (November, 2021)

This is our last subscription box from Try the World. We got tied of the total lack of any descriptive documentation in the box. You have to use a magnifying glass to determine country of origin and it is not present all the time. This month we also got a duplicate item from the previous month’s box. This month we received items from Korea, Indonesia, Italy and the United States. The tea was again not identifiable.

Kimchi from South Korea

Cashew and Coconut from Indonesia

Cacao dusted cashew nuts from Indonesia


Bourbon infused coffee from the US – a duplicate item from last month’s box

Spice blend from the USA – very good, I use it routinely (quite spicy)

Balsamic Vinegar from Italy

Flower Tea from ???

Taste Test – Try the World (February 2021)

The Try the World subscription box for February 2021 contains products from; Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey and Italy.

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy from Indonesia

Coffee flavored hard candy

Loma Linda Hawaiian Bowl from Thailand

Pineapple and brown rice in heat and serve bag

Ground coffee from Germany

Fig from Turkey


Ginger Chews from Indonesia

Capers from Turkey

Cookie Butter from Italy

Pink Salt from Australia

Thai Panang Curry simmer sauce from Thailand