Taste Test – MunchPak (September 2023)

MunchPak subscription for September 2023.

Rapsnack Rick Ross from USA

Alex 8 Joe 8

Yackwa Doughnut from Korea

Alex 8 Joe 7

Lucas Salsaghetti Mango from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fettuccine Lemon from Japan

Alex 6 joe 8

Giotto Momenti Danish from Germany

Alex 7 Joe 7

Not listed in information card??

Alex 7 Joe 7

Fizzlers Mystery from USA

Alex 8 Joe 5

Gummy Fries from USA

Alex 7 Joe 6

Walkers Marmite – mild marmite flavor

Alex 6 Joe 7

Xiaohuangxiong Crab – noodle snack from China

Alex 5 Joe 5

Kopernik Katarzynki – ginger bread cookie from Poland

Alex 7 Joe 7

Pororo Churro from Korea

Alex 7 Joe 7

Mint Pocky from Japan

Alex 5 Joe 6

Cinnamon Toast Dunkaroos from the USA

Alex 8 Joe 6

Kinder Delice from Mexico

Alex 7 Joe 7

Coins and Currency Club – China

Alex and I are both sinophiles so we were very happy to see that the month’s selection for the Coin and Currency Club is China. China does have its problems with their human rights issues but they are unarguably one of the greatest countries in the world and will most likely be the most dominant country on the planet going into the 22nd century. China officially The People’s Republic of China is the second most populous country in the world with population of 1.4 billion people. It has five time zones and has land borders with fourteen different countries. Its capital is Beijing while its most populous city and financial center is Shanghai.

Alex was excited, he easily guessed the country with the clues provided


Taste Test – MunchPak (April 2023)

This month’s MunchPak subscription contains snacks from the US, UK, Mexico, South Korea, China, Israel, and Japan.

Botan Rice Candy from Japan

Alex-4 Joe-4

Kool-Aid Popping Candy from the USA

Alex-6 Joe-5

Iwamoto Panda from Japan – sweet & crunchy cookie balls

Alex-8 Joe-6

Bissli Onion from Israel – crunchy onion flavored chips

Alex-8 Joe-7

Walkers Flamin Hot Munch from the UK – spicy corn chips

Alex-7 Joe-7

Nestle Aero Mint from the UK – mint flavored chocolate bar

Alex-5 Joe-7

Kinder Happy Hippo from the UK – wafer cookie

Alex-7 Joe-5

Sand Wafer from Korea – tangerine filling

Alex-6 Joe-6

Rountree’s Jelly Tots

Alex-8 Joe-8

Icee Big Ropes from Mexico – chewy rope candy

Alex-7 Joe-5

Haitai Baked Potato from Korea – potato snack

Alex-7 Joe-7

Haitai Chocopic from Korea – crispy biscuit sticks with a milk chocolate dip

Alex-7 Joe-6

Marukawa Melom from Japan – melon flavored chewing gum

Alex-7 Joe-6

Delicias Candy Brush from Mexico – playful candy toothbrush

Alex-8 Joe-5

Lay’s Texas Grill BBQ from China – BBQ flavored chips

Alex-8 Joe-6

Alex 6,94 out of 10

Joe 6.24 out of 10

Alex liked the box much more than I did.