Brazil Elects a New (Old) President – Bolsonaro OUT

Brazil held presidential elections in October 2022 with the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro running against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The first round was Sunday October 2 and Lula won but did not get more than 50% of the vote resulting in a runoff election between the top two candidates on October 30.

Big turnout at the polls in Malden, Massachusetts (The nearest voting location for Rita as an ex-pat)

Watching TV as Lula is declared the winner

The Great Courses – Emma’s Training

Wondrium (formerly The Great Courses) is a series of college-level audio and video courses and documentaries produced and distributed by The Teaching Company, an American company based in ChantillyVirginia. As of 2015, it had created over 700 courses and sold over 14 million copies. We subscribe to their service via YouTube TV and are an avid consumer of their history and science programing. Emma and Alex watched The Dog Training 101 lectures.

Emma is really paying attention

Putting the training into effect