Boothbay Harbor, Maine

The ultimate Maine vacation destination.

New photo by Wanderlust Family Adventure / Google Photos

Boothbay Harbor is the quintessential Maine harbor town with ample restaurants, scenery and shopping. If this is your destination put yourself into a relaxation mode and enjoy the quiet and serenity. Boothbay is the boating capital of New England with everything from sea kayaking to island hopping and light house excursions. The famous Monhegan Island art colony is just ten miles off the coast of Boothbay and offers even more of a low key environment. There are no cars or paved roads on the island but there are numerous walking trails for all levels of hikers.
One of the great pleasures of a vacation in Boothbay is the dining and restaurant scene. You almost cannot go wrong with your restaurant choice if you are careful with your research. A fun way to combine your dining with a boat excursion is the Cabbage Island Clambake. You cruise Maine’s wonderfully romantic coastline on your way to Cabbage Island where a traditional Maine Clambake dinner awaits you. Steamed lobsters, steamed clams, fish chowder, corn on the cob and Maine potatoes comprise your delectable meal. On the way back to Boothbay see seals, ospreys and lighthouses. Other restaurants of note in Boothbay are; the Whale’s Tale, the Boothbay Lobster Wharf, or the Harborside Tavern. But by all means discover one of your own restaurants that you can make your family’s favorite.
Two of my favorite stops while walking along the streets in town are the Friends of the Library Bookstore where you can find used book treasures fit for any bibliophile. The Coastal Maine Popcorn Company has dozens of flavors of freshly popped popcorn to munch on as you stroll.
Come and get a taste of Maine, you will return for more.

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